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Production of Multi-Analyte Immunosensors from plastic capillary tubes with good optical and binding properties

Capillary tubes from Polymethylpentene were produced from a suitable laboratory extruder. Several different extrusion process parameters were tried and using the best possible combination capillary tubes were obtained having characteristics suitable for use in the field of immunoassays for fast determinations using minimal amount of reagents and with simplified sample handling and elimination of pipetting. The suitability mainly refers to good protein binding properties and low background fluorescence. The background fluorescence sets the sensitivity limit of any optical biosensor and, therefore, any new material and format with reduced fluorescence can have broad applications. The capillaries were internally functionalized by immobilizing different proteins in discrete bands so as to create a multi-Analyte biosensing devices. Testing using environmental and clinical analytes confirmed the ability for fast detection with minimal use of reagents. Market or application sectors include human diagnostics, veterinarian diagnostics, food contamination control and environmental diagnostics. Further improvement is required to produce optically "perfect" devices.

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