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Virtual reality code with quantitative display of visibility through smoke

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The Superscape Virtual Reality (VR) package has been used to create a user-friendly and cost-effective way of displaying data from experimental tests and from three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. It facilitates the interpretation of test results and computed results by non-specialist users such as metro operators or safety organisations.

The VR facility can display the geometry of a tunnel and internal features such as stationary trains, together with 2-dimensional images of test results and computations on cross-sectional planes and surfaces, which can be translucent. Typically the 2-D images are of colour-filled contours of temperature or pressure, with experimental data as superimposed spot values, similarly coloured.

An additional powerful feature is the ability to display three-dimensional images of the computed field of smoke density. The VR facility calculates the visual opacity of the smoke and displays quantitatively realistic visibility through smoke clouds, a feature which may be novel.

The user may roam within the tunnel world observing the results as they change dynamically over time. This is particularly effective for the smoke representations as visibility decreases over time and the smoke encroaches further into the tunnel.

Geometries are read from common CAD file formats and results images from common image file formats. Thus the VR facility is not constrained to use only with the CFD model developed within the OSIS project.

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