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Real-time observational compensation grouting method

Objective of Compensation Grouting is to control the risk of soil subsidence on tunnelling sites. The strategy consists to introduce very small quantities of grout as close as possible to the origin of soil displacements, in such a way that the whole soil body remains as close as possible to the at-rest condition. The innovative approach of the COSMUS project is to implement an adaptive feedback loop including the following elements in a single operative network:

A predictive numerical model to estimate on a daily basis the amount of settlements due to tunnelling, and to estimate the necessary grouting quantities.

A precise control of grouting operations.

Automatic remote acquisition of soil/structures movements.

Software and methods to operate a daily adjustment of the predictive model from observations made on the site.

Soil situations are generally complex and very heterogeneous. The adaptive process is the only feasible way to deal with this difficulty and obtain the best economical compromise between objectives of cost/safety on the tunnelling site.

The concept and the software system were fully validated on several construction sites. The latest test was operated in the COSMUS project, and allowed to validate the general concept of Real-Time Observations and the corresponding software.

This validation test will be used as a reference in further tenders.

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