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New range of flip chip adhesives

According to the different process and product requirements of the project partners concerning the curing conditions, the thermo-mechanical performance and the interconnection mechanism, Heraeus developed three systems for flip chip bonding in the range NCA (non conductive adhesive), ACA (anisotropic conductive adhesive) and ICA (isotropic conductive adhesive):

All three systems being developed had to fulfil a number of requirements concerning:
-Adhesion Strength
-Bubble free layers
-Ion concentration
-Curing conditions

NCA are the basic systems for ACA and ICA respectively. In addition they can be used for a special flip chip technology developed at IMEC.

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W.C. Heraeus - Produktbereich Dickfilm
Heraeusstr. 12 -14.
D - 63450 Hanau
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