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A WEB enabled solution for small haulers collaboration

This service is accessible through a Web based interface (available through a common Internet browser) and enables the carriers to declare free tonnage or to request tonnage available on the network. In addition, each carrier can request someone to be available for loading some tons in a certain warehouse, or factory and to bring the goods to the asking carrier.

The site then responds with the best possible collaborations and the cost involved. The network of carriers has to be managed according to paradigms of workflow and resource planning. This can be seen as a particular case of Virtual Fleet where the interacting enterprises are the carriers that join the network. In order to manage the temporarily common resources (i.e. the trucks used for common missions), a GPS based fleet management system will be integrated into the service.

Thus, it seems to be necessary for a certain degree of collaboration with other small haulers in order to gain the necessary business competitiveness. We will give a description of the solutions proposed during TROP- Transport Optimiser & Planner EP project.

The project target is to develop an Internet-based service aimed at supporting the collaboration among small company haulers. The idea is that many carriers (the Virtual Fleet) can share some resources (trucks) in order to optimise their work. The Internet service will support the Virtual Fleet by means of an adaptation of the VE paradigm integrated with the monitoring functionality of GPS technology.

The service consists in an optimised plan for Virtual Fleet truck missions. The carrier asks for this service in order to reduce time wastes and costs. They can ask for goods delivery or declare their free resources to the Virtual Fleet. A WWW site collects the requests declaration and computes the optimal plan. This implies a truck traffic reduction and improves Virtual Fleet performances, allowing companies to maintain independence.

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