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European Legislative Virtual Library; ELVIL 2000

The general goal of the projects ELVIL and ELVIL 2000 is to create and operate an Academic Portal to European Law and Politics. The ELVIL 2000 project increases the availability of information on European Law and Politics in a number of ways.

The pragmatic goal of ELVIL is to provide a single, WWW-based user interface to the parliamentary databases. The databases in the project are: Rixlex, the Swedish Parliament database, Polis, the database of the English Parliament, Epoque, a sample from the European Parliament former database, The database of the Czech Parliament and selected databases from the Polish Parliament. The databases differ in that they reflect the different traditions of parliamentary procedures, they differ in database format, search interface and hardware, but they can be searched in the same way due to the Z39.50 gateway that was developed in the ELVIL project. The standard used for mapping the databases is GILS (Government Information Locator Service). The EUROVOC thesaurus is used as a "language switchboard" so that a Swedish user can search the English database in Swedish and vice versa. There are also other databases available, such as EUROPARL and others within the subject area but then with their original interfaces.

There is also a WWW-index with metadata records pointing to quality controlled web sources within European law and politics.

-Educational tools:
A fundamental idea in ELVIL is that one should not just be able to search for information but also be guided in the understanding of the democratic political procedures in Europe. In the ELVIL Encyclopaedia there are lectures on European law and politics and a case-bank with cases on issues that have engaged people over the last few years.

-Communicational tools:
ELVIL 2000 has implemented a discussion platform and a collaborative platform, where you can conduct meetings, seminars all over Europe, publish articles etc.

-Virtual Librarian:
To help users find the most relevant information the ELVIL Virtual Librarian has been developed. The Virtual Librarian uses user modelling - to gather information about each individual user's requirements and experience; a problem-solving methodology called fuzzy logic-to infer what type of information a user is looking for; and a "Database Advisor" rulebase-which can recommend the most appropriate sources of information to the user. The aim of this approach was to devise a system that is responsive to the needs of individual users, and helps them make best use of the wide range of databases and powerful search capabilities available in ELVIL2000.


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