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Combination of sweating and vacuum distillation in a single apparatus

An alternative energy-saving technology based on combination of sweating and vacuum distillation in a single apparatus with their simultaneous occurrence is developed. The combined process is carried out at a pressure close to the triple point pressure of the major component. In this case a sweating liquid changes to the vapour state and the vapour comes out of the pastille and is withdrawn into a condenser.

The method of distillation sweating was employed for the pastille purification of caprolactam from the impurities of water and cyclo-hexanone as well as naphthalene from biphenyl and conversely. The results obtained indicate a high efficiency of the process.

In contrast to distillation, in the combined process both more volatile impurities (with respect to major component) and less volatile ones are removed. The purification of both naphthalene pastilles containing 4 wt% biphenyl and biphenyl pastilles with 4 wt% naphthalene (but with a lower yield) was successful. However, non-volatile impurities cannot be removed in this way.

The technology being developed in the project which combines the production of granular materials with their purification meets the requirements of low-capacity chemical and pharmaceutical productions of relatively expensive products.

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