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MATISSE methodology handbook

The MATISSE Methodological Handbook is intended to be a convenient reference on systems construction and management methods using the formal constructive approach proposed in the MATISSE Project, through proved refinements.

Methods, tools and aids for the management of system development projects based on the formal approach proposed in the MATISSE project are presented here.
Although not initially planed in the original project proposal, it was decided to deliver three storyboards threads for the MATISSE Methodological Handbook. This document is therefore composed of three parts: the board level storyboard, project manager's storyboard, and practitioner's storyboard of the Handbook.

The recommendations are based on analysis and experiences of the three industrial case studies developed as part of the MATISSE project:
- Automatic transportation system
- Multi-application smartcard embedded byte-code verifier
- Health care control system

The document is composed of the above three level storyboards.
Each level addresses different audiences and therefore has been written in order to be read independently if required. Nevertheless the three storyboards are composing a unique handbook, which is intended to be yet improved after external review and further internal comments.
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