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Monitoring migration events by Migromat

During the investigation period of the EU Silver eel project, by identification of peaks of eel activity in the MM tanks and registration of subsequent warnings, it was possible to identify 24 days in Linne, and 17 days in Alphen during which downstream migration events have been predicted. This represents respectively 10 and 15% of the total period of investigation, i.e. the migration period of silver eel in the Dutch section of the river Meuse. During these few days 66% of the transpondered eels passed through Linne, and even 73% passed Alphen.

In total, at Linne 20,445 eels and at Alphen 14.681 (in total 38,375 eels) have died due to hydropower. By means of the warnings provided by Migromat(Registered) during the migration season of 2002, the mortality would have been reduced to 6,951 (66% reduction) at Linne and to 3,964 (73% reduction) at Alphen (in total 10,915 specimens left that die due to hydropower). This implies a total reduction of the hydropower mortality by 71.6%.

The results of the monitoring experiments have verified that the Migromat (Registered) system accurately registers the pre-migratory restlessness of eels, thereby predicting the downstream migration events of silver eels with high precision. The prediction of this early warning system enables an eel-friendly operating management of hydropower facilities. Hence, a high percentage of downstream migrating eels can be saved without installation of cost intensive protection and bypass systems.

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