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Cohesive interface elements in standard commercial codes

Offshore Industry: a study of welded steel tubular connections was conducted. Efforts are continued in this area through R&D and consulting activities. The techniques introduced by the project are new to the offshore industry so there is great potential for dissemination in this field. The team plans to present its results in special conferences and contribute to the development of specifications.

Civil Infrastructure: A follow-up study on fatigue of reinforced concrete walls was conducted and the h experimental results are available at the University of Thessaloniki.

Collaboration with Cornell University: The team has developed a strong collaboration with Cornell University, U.S.A. An example of this collaboration is the fatigue analysis of a helicopter gear. Cornell has performed similar analyses using other methods and now wants to use and evaluate the HiperCrack methodology. The main milestone is comparison with previous analyses and the publication of the results.

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Institute Of Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (I.T.S.A.K)
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