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User interface and pre-processor

User interface and pre-processor:
Graphical support of crack-element generation in a Finite Element model. User access to a crack material database and association of properties to the elements. The development of a graphical menu embedded into MSC.Patran has started and will be completed along the next 5 months. It will enable a user to graphically select the area where the crack resides. Based on this selection the connectivity of the element edges or faces at the crack will be modified in such a way that they can be used in connection with a cohesive law for simulating crack opening. Currently a prototype has been made only for 2D but after some initial testing and validation it can be extended easily to 3D. Material data necessary for the analysis deck generation will be accessed into a materials database. This is ultimately planned to be performed via the materials databases API calls when the partners provide them.

The pre-processor demonstration:
The main associated partners working on the demonstration were SAMTECH and nCode. As far as dissemination was concerned the developed approach and the results, obtained in the frame of the Hiper-Crack project, were presented to a large audience or interested parts. This was done especially at all kind of MSC. Software events. Thanks to the large customer database of MSC. Software it was possible to reach the largest possible audience interested in these developments. In addition, the software developed on the frame of this project will be further investigated, extended and completed in the future in order to make this technology also applicable to and accessible for different industries.

Preference translators: Generation of a bulk input for crack analysis. (Forward translator), reading of analysis results into the user’s environment (reverse translator).
This task included updating the standard MSC. Patran-Samcef translator in charge of solver’s input generation and uploading results into the database. Coding resulted in minor modifications of existing integrating environment. An assumption has been made that un-used nodes (quad 8 and node quad 6) will be supported by Samcef.

Post-processing: Evaluation of results within the graphical user interface.
Post processing will take care of results evaluation into MSC. Patran. Specification completion by the solver partner (SAMTECH) will enable beginning of coding.

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