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Atlas of risky glaciers (Iceland): "Atlas of risky glaciers in Iceland"

The altas provides an overview of locations of risky glaciers in Iceland. Risky glaciers in Iceland are mainly connected with glacier floods due to:
- Release of meltwater from subglacial lakes at geothermal areas,

- Sudden volcanic eruptions under the glaciers or

- Drainage of ice dammed marginal lakes.

The altas provides an overview of the past events, their nature and frequency. The damage caused by the events is mainly due to the disruption of the road system. Although the events are frequent, thanks to alert monitoring of the risky areas and to a successful warning system few human lives have been lost.

Further information is available on the web-site: which was established for the project. All the results are accessible for the general public and for all authorities and institutes dealing with glacier hazard studies, prediction, migtation and rescue workers in Iceland.

The team aims to update the altas regularly on the web-site and integrate its information into the data bases of its partners.

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