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Project ID: HPRI-CT-1999-50005
Finanziato nell'ambito di: FP5-HUMAN POTENTIAL
Paese: Germany

Development of large-area low-pressure micro-strip gas chamber detectors for thermal neutron imaging

The novel low-pressure micro-strip gas chamber (MSGC) detector type with composite 157Gd/CsI converter foil, which was developed at HMI in TECHNI up to laboratory prototype scale, improves the performance of present thermal neutron detectors considerably and delivers an adequate economic solution for fast, high-resolution large-area detectors, even for the strongly rising requirements in experiments at next generation pulsed spallation neutron sources like ESS. By replacing the composite 157Gd/CsI converter with 1 µm thick columnar CsI secondary electron emitter layers by a thicker CsI converter X-rays can be detected instead of neutrons. Two-dimensional position resolutions of better than 0.3mm (FWHM), time-of-flight resolutions of a few ns and count rates >106 cps per detector segment can be reached with a novel cost-effective high-rate multi-hit delay line readout technique developed at HMI based on sub-divided delay lines connected via impedance matching amplifiers. A high-speed, high-resolution data acquisition board type developed in collaboration with JINR Dubna for this detector type is operational.

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