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Cost potential curves for all renewable electricity technologies in 15 EU Member States and Norway

To explore the possibilities for achieving European renewable electricity targets a good overview of future costs and potentials per Member State of all types of renewable electricity available on the European market is essential. To assess the burden sharing options within the REBUS model, a cost-potential curve was established for a defined set of RES-E technologies for each EU Member State and for Norway.

The cost potential curves have been based on the best available data sources from national and EU studies and databases. This was complemented by knowledge from several technology and renewable energy policy experts, to obtain the latest insights in potential developments for each individual technology taken into account in this study.

The cost potential curves can be used in future and national EU studies, to harmonise comparability across studies and to gain a better understanding of research outcomes. Naturally, political, technical, and socio-economical circumstances are continuously changing, and new or improved insights in the development of costs and potentials will be obtained. Therefore, the cost potential curves will inevitably be subject to changes in the future. This will be supported by the transparent registration of the actual data used for constructing the current cost potential curves.

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