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Government regulatory energy measures impact and diffusion speed appraisal method - GRIDS

Policy impact analysis:

- The GRIDS project aims at analysing and understanding the impacts of energy policies in the energy, productive and economic systems and, on the basis of the different implementation strategies of these policies, assessing and predicting the rate of penetration of new and clean technologies and products in the market.

- In this framework the final output of the project is the definition of a methodology, based on a cascade of models and software tools, able to support policy makers, or similar final users, to develop the above mentioned analysis and thereby being helped in predicting the impact of RUE technologies on energy consumption, labour and industrial costs. To this end this methodology was tested and validated on specific case studies, for which the penetration rate of new technologies has being calculated and discussed. Since the main objective of GRIDS was to set a methodological framework, very well known products - major household appliances for refrigeration and laundry washing - as well as technologies were used within case studies, for which sufficient and reliable information was available.

GRIDS project, at the present development level, is potentially able to meet these important requirements and to provide:

- A reliable contribution to the scientific community and the EU Authorities on the crucial debate concerning the quantitative appraising of the impact of a given energy policy on the energy systems;

- A concrete tool for the stakeholders to which it is addressed (policy makers and manufacturers) to be used in their negotiations, e.g. voluntary commitments among the involved parties, on the basis of shared quantitative data and assumptions;

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