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EIB - Internet based user friendly bi-directional energy management

Energy mangement systems (EMS) are capable of saving a lot of energy as they decrease the user influence on energy consumption. But most often a fixed EMS leads to dissatisfaction. The BySyS EMS allows the users to set their own options for energy management via an Internet based dialogue towards a European Installation Bus (EIB) installation. An energy butler advises the user to make settings with regard to low energy consumption. In addition BySyS makes the energy flows transparent and the user gets a feeling for energy waste.

Currently the BySyS EMS is implemented at a test site in Kassel University and works since 2/2000 without any problem. People working in the rooms have accepted the system. In the pilot installation heat energy savings of about 10 % (in some offices up to 50%) a reduction of light operation time between 23 and 56 % could be obtained.

The result is a new software based service: A flexible energy management system that communicates with the occupants of an EIB equipped building via the Internet.

The result is in the field of building automation - in the research project especially for EIB technology. The BySyS idea can be realised with any other building automation system, too. For communication it uses platform independent JAVA applications.

What are the potential applications for this result?
Flexible energy management system for office buildings and private homes.

Who are the users of this result?
All companies and organisations that have office buildings equipped with installation bus technique- new and old ones.

What are the main innovative features and benefits?
- The settings of the energy management can be fixed by each building occupant according to his demands that results in an increased acceptance of building automation.

- The user dialogue is done via platform independent JAVA applications - in the Internet browser.

- The system provides transparency into the energy flows.

Analysis of the market sector:
Building automation with installation bus systems is becoming more and more important. Energy saving is an issue more and more companies think of, too. The BySyS EMS helps to decrease energy consumption caused by the user influence. In buildings with an existing installation bus system and a TCP/IP (Internet) network BySyS EMS will not cause high surplus costs to be installed. This is an important issue when comparing with other systems.

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