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Software to quickly evaluate bone morphometry in micro-CT data

In connection with RUCA software package was bought (MIRIT, KULeuven, Leuven, Belgium). It was used as a basis for matching different data sets. A methodology was designed to use this software package on growing rat bones that experience drastic changes in shape over time. It provided surprisingly good and valuable results. We consider this as a major step forward in bone research and these results are of crucial importance for the success of MIAB.

A crucial step to successfully detect changes between the in-vivo scans of different time points is precise segmentation of the scan images into binary bone/non-bone images. Standard algorithms were not sufficiently accurate for the in-vivo data and we developed an automatic algorithm to perform this task. The new algorithm yields very accurate results of the true surface of the bone (2).

The presented method adds new possibilities to skeletal research, since it offers the possibility to follow biological processes in detail as they occur. We expect that this new tool will contribute greatly to experimental rat/mouse studies on pharmacological intervention and transgenic models.

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