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Evaluating round wood classes in a full-scale TMP-plant - Applications at Holmen Paper

The subproject run within Holmen Paper was performed at the Hallsta Papermills mechanical pulping plant with help form Holmen Forestry regarding planning and selection of for mill scale trial suitable large pulpwood and saw mill chips samples.

Four different pulpwood classes of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) were tested in mill scale production of TMP at Hallsta Papermill. The objectives of the trial were to evaluate both rather extreme and more traditional roundwood classes in a full-scale TMP-plant with respect to pulp properties and energy requirements. The experiment was partly based on the results from the preceding pilot plant trial within the project. In general the results confirmed the findings in the pilot plant trial. Young wood with a high proportion of juvenile wood gave a pulp with attractive optical properties, but somewhat lower tear index and higher electrical energy consumption to the same paper tensile strength. The other extreme wood class, sawmill chips from old trees of heavy dimensions, required lower electrical energy input and gave higher tear index, but inferior optical properties. The two more traditional classes gave pulps with properties between the two extremes.

The findings from this project can be used to further improve the product profiles and process efficiency when producing printing papers from spruce wood based mechanical pulps.

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