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Better sorting of round wood - Applications at Norske Skog Golbey

The ambition of this project for Norske-skog Golbey was to achieve tmp pulp quality improvement and/or production costs reduction through a better sorting of the round wood received at the mill.

During this project and with the mills trials made in Norske-skog Golbey, we observed that it was possible to improve the characteristics of the tmp pulp by modifying the wood supply. For example, it was possible to improve the optics properties of the tmp pulp with more roundwood chips.

Applications will nevertheless be limited because the results obtained cannot justify a major change of the wood supply in Golbey. The costs optimisation is very important and wood supply must comply with this rule as soon as the wood standard quality requirements are fulfilled.

Golbey uses more recovered paper than wood. This limits also the application of this project.

These results will interest papermakers which use mainly woods.

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