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CAP markers for important characters related to growth and wood quality in pinus pinaster

Based on molecular markers and QTLs (Quantitative Trait Loci) for wood quality and growth characteristics positioned on a ultra high density map of Pinus pinaster, 7 AFLP and 3 SSR fragments associated with height, diameter, wood density, cellulose, pulp yield, lignin content, and lignin extractives were amplified, isolated from agarose or acrylamide gels, cloned and sequenced.

Specific primers were then designed to generate CAP markers which were evaluated in a breeding elite population of Pinus pinaster consisting in 80 fifteen years old trees each representing a full-sib family integrated in a 1000 provenance test.

Complementarily, 5 other CAP markers generated from AFLPs associated with QTLs for height, diameter, vegetative and reproductive buds formation and tree form on Pinus pinaster and Pinus radiata maps, were tested in a 50 genotype breeding population of Pinus radiata.

Results showed that several specific alleles of CAP markers, including CAP markers generated from Pinus radiata sequences, were informative for height, diameter, rectitude, lignin content, pulp yield, cellulose of the Pinus pinaster breeding material.

Such markers can be applied conveniently for marker-assisted selection of unknown breeding material in this species. Detailed information on primer sequences and amplification protocols can be found on the web-site

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AFOCEL - Biotechnology Lab, Domaine de l'Etancon
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