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A novel, high capacity funnel trap for WCR (Western Corn Rootworm)

A novel, non-sticky, high capacity funnel trap type code-named VARs has been developed.
The new VARs type:
- Has a virtually unlimited catch capacity as compared to the limited capacity of the existing PAL and PALs sticky types;

- Its maintenance is cleaner (no sticky material);

- And is less expensive to use in prolonged monitoring trials.

On the other hand, for proper operation the addition of an insecticide into the catch containers is absolutely necessary.

VARs traps have been made available to users through the non-profit advisory extension service of the Plant Protection Institute, Hungarian Academy of Science, (Budapest, Hungary) from the beginning of 2001, as a new member of the CSALOMON® pheromone trap family. (CSALOMON® is a registered trademark of the Plant Protection Institute, Hung. Acad. Sci., Budapest, Hungary).

In addition the most important characteristics of each trap type developed for monitoring of the corn rootworm were deeply studied so that precise advise for trap use in different situations and for different purposes has been made available.

We conclude that:
- For catching males the PAL and VARs types are optimal, PALs can also be used, if sensitivity is not a critical consideration.

- For catching females the PALs and VARs types can be recommended.

Usually the sticky types PAL and PALs as well IPC trap are better suited to detection situations (when the population density of the pest is low, and no frequent exchange of replacement sticky sheets is necessary). The funnel VARs type seems to be more advantageous in long term monitoring trials.

Throughout the test the unbaited yellow sticky traps performed worst in all aspects.

It was also possible to evaluate the important possibility of developing monitoring tools suitable at the same time for both Diabrotica and other maize soil pest. Monitoring tools are available for click beetle species (larvae and adults); in preliminary trials carried out in Hungary and Italy newly developed ground sex pheromone trap (YATLORf) for Agriotes species proved to be suitable for monitoring WCR (Western Corn Rootworm) population too. Being non-saturable the traps are potentially suitable for correlating adult captures with the level of subsequent larval populations. No negative interaction was observed placing both Agriotes and Diabrotica lures in the same YATLORf traps.

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Hungarian Academy of Sciences / Plant Protection Institute
1022 Budapest
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