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Quantification of maize production in selected EU countries

In the EU, there are grown 7.932 million ha of maize. 4.350 million ha of them are grain maize & CCM and 3.582 million ha are silage maize (ZMP-Marktbilanz, Getreide, Olsaaten, Futtermittel, 2001, 238 pp). Except for Finland, Sweden and Ireland, all EU members grow maize. For many countries, maize is an important energy supplier as animal food. The 8 countries analysed have 6.721 million ha of maize. Except for Switzerland, the other 7 EU member states (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) represent with 6.659 million ha maize 84 % of the entire maize-growing area of the EU.

France has, with 3.129 million maize, the largest maize-growing area in the EU. Out of 18.3 million ha arable land 17.1 % are maize-growing area. France grows about 1.7 million ha grain maize & CCM and about 1.4 million ha silage maize. Germany as the second biggest maize producer in the EU has 1.559 million ha of maize (13.2 % of the arable land). The largest portion with about 1.2 million ha is silage maize. Italy follows Germany in maize production with 1.271 million ha of maize. About 1.1 million ha are grain maize & CCM. Maize is of great importance for Italy because about one-forth of the arable land are maize-growing areas. This is also valid for the Netherlands with 28 % maize (225,615 ha) and for Belgium with 30.5 % (about 200,000 ha maize).

In contrast to the Netherlands, where silage maize amount to 91 % of the whole maize-growing area, Italy has 86 % under grain maize and CCM. The climatic conditions lead to a difference between Northern member countries with more silage maize and Southern countries with more grain maize & CCM. For the development of the WCR, it is unimportant which type of maize is grown. However, the different value of grain and silage maize causes a higher pecuniary loss in case of grain and especially seed maize.

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