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Distribution patterns of WCR (Western Corn Rootworm) adults on crop and non crop plants in newly infested areas

In the Veneto focus area WCR (Western Corn Rootworm) beetles were captured exclusively in maize fields.

In 2000 PAL, PALs, Pherocon CRW, Pherocon AM (2-14 per each type per field) were also placed out in fields planted with different crops included in different crop rotations, preferably close to monoculture maize fields where WCR specimens had been captured. No WCR specimens were captured in crops different from maize also if very close to the small continuous maize fields where specimens had been caught.

In 2001 at least 2 PAL and 4 Pherocon AM traps were placed out in non maize-crops all around maize fields where WCR captures had been recorded. As observed in 2000 no specimens were caught.

In 2002 only two specimens were captured by two PAL traps placed out in two different maize fields despite the fact that hundreds of traps had been deployed. Therefore no useful information on this issue can be inferred.

In the Veneto focus area WCR proved to be tightly linked to maize monoculture and main movements seem to occur from monoculture fields to 1st year maize fields so that WCR can spread more quickly and intensively if most of the 1st year fields (and obviously monoculture fields) are planted with maize in the subsequent year.

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