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State transition support toolbox

The aim of the CHEM project was to develop and implement advanced Decision Support Systems (DSS) for process monitoring, data and event analysis, and operation support in industrial processes. The systems are synergistic integration of innovative software tools, which improve the safety, product quality and operation reliability as well as reduce the economic losses due to faulty states, mainly in refining, chemical and petrochemical processes.

The CHEM applications consist of integrated sets of software toolboxes that provide robust detection and diagnosis of process problems in real-time. The systems assist operators in assessing process status and responding to abnormal events. The project provides a flexible architecture and a methodology in order to facilitate the development of such applications on many processes.

JGrafchart is toolbox for sequential, procedural, and state-oriented operations in the process industry. It may be used on both the direct control level and on supervisory levels. On the supervisory level it may be used for operator procedure handling, for recipe-based batch control, and as a workflow editor. JGrafchart is a graphical language based on the concepts of Sequential Function Charts (SFC) from IEC 61131-3. To this has been added features from Statecharts and concepts from text-based procedural and object-oriented programming languages.

JGrafchart consists of an interactive graphical object editor where function charts and procedures are created and executed. JGrafchart supports communication with the external environments using TCP sockets and using XML-based message passing. JGrafchart is implemented in Java 1.4 and Swing. It runs on all platforms that support Sun Java.

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Dept of Automatic Control, Lund University
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