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Plant knowledge and advice system

The aim of the CHEM project was to develop and implement advanced Decision Support Systems (DSS) for process monitoring, data and event analysis, and operation support in industrial processes. The systems are synergistic integration of innovative software tools, which improve the safety, product quality and operation reliability as well as reduce the economic losses due to faulty states, mainly in refining, chemical and petrochemical processes.

The CHEM applications consist of integrated sets of software toolboxes that provide robust detection and diagnosis of process problems in real-time. The systems assist operators in assessing process status and responding to abnormal events. The project provides a flexible architecture and a methodology in order to facilitate the development of such applications on many processes.

Plant Knowledge and Advice System (PlantKAS) is based on two CHEM toolboxes (TB7.3 and TB7.4). Originally TB7.3 was called "Plant reliability and safety knowledge management system" and TB7.4 "Plant operator advice system for abnormal situations". In practise these toolboxes are developed as an integrated system, the 'Plant Knowledge and Advice System'.

TB7.3&7.4 (PlantKAS) collects and applies safety and reliability knowledge related to a process plant. As a result of reliability and safety analyses of a plant, knowledge on the causes and consequences of failures and disturbances of the process is identified. The challenge is to utilise such knowledge when the identified abnormal situations appear. PlantKAS supports the storage and processing of unstructured knowledge about abnormal situations so that the system allows user to have situation-based advice when it is really needed.

By utilising safety and reliability analyses, knowledge about abnormal situations is collected by mill personnel together with VTT's experts. The gathered knowledge is stored in a database as ASM advice in various forms. An applicability profile, defined as a combination of the measurements and the process state, is attached to every piece of ASM advice. The advice is assumed to be relevant when its applicability profile matches the current state of the process.

PlantKAS supports operators in decision-making by indicating the relevant portions of ASM advice and giving easy access to the advice. The ASM advice can be in the form of, e.g. a HAZOP deviation with its causes and consequences presented as event graphs created from a safety and reliability analysis, or a link to a document describing the process state and how to manage the abnormal situation. Another function of the system is to collect operating experience data to complement or revise the contents of database. The system is to be used during plant operation and access to real time measurements and the process state is required.

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