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Expert guided decision support structure

The aim of the CHEM project was to develop and implement advanced Decision Support Systems (DSS) for process monitoring, data and event analysis, and operation support in industrial processes. The systems are synergistic integration of innovative software tools, which improve the safety, product quality and operation reliability as well as reduce the economic losses due to faulty states, mainly in refining, chemical and petrochemical processes.

The CHEM applications consist of integrated sets of software toolboxes that provide robust detection and diagnosis of process problems in real-time. The systems assist operators in assessing process status and responding to abnormal events. The project provides a flexible architecture and a methodology in order to facilitate the development of such applications on many processes.

The goal of this toolbox is to provide a G2 based environment that allows the user to introduce site-specific rules for building and optimising a schedule. The system will provide a set of pre-defined rules and actions that could be graphically combined in order to generate specific algorithms.

Once generated, the new algorithms could be used in the integrated environment to generate an optimal schedule according to the specific procedures and constraints of the site.

The system should be capable to evaluate predefined parameters (such as makespan, ending times of all the units, time used of each unit, etc) and configured parameters of partial schedules. It also provides functions used in the creation of a new schedule (create a batch, change the unit assignment of one task, etc). The ordered combination of evaluation of parameters and functions allows the creation of a new site-specific rules (rapid prototyping).

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