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CHEM integration platform

These deliverable covers the Detailed Design and the software modules developed for the Integration Platform. The design and development of the Integration platform is the principal deliverable of WP10.

The detailed design provides in depth description of the structure, functions and interfaces of each of the Integration Platform’s components. It constitutes the reference documentation that toolbox developers will use to develop their software.

The Integration Platform consists of a set of software modules built using Java and Gensym's G2 (Trademark) that provide communication, data management, configuration, coordination and UI functionality.

It is a very flexible generic platform that integrates industry standards and proven technology such as XML and message oriented middleware. To enable this flexibility, a loosely coupled approach is being adopted using messages rather than a tightly coupled approach, which would put increased responsibility on individual toolboxes. Since toolboxes vary in their design and language, the integration platform must be able to accommodate these differences by providing common interfaces and functionality that toolboxes can use with a minimum of adaptation.
The platform also masks the differences between different toolboxes.

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