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Modularised part feeding system for flexible assembly systems

The target of the MPA (Modular Plant Architecture) -Project was, to develop a method to realise a machinery and equipment implementation to be prepared for dynamic changes in production- programmes and volumes.

Work done at Bosch:
- Analysis of strategy and objectives for modularisation (workstation level, part feeding);

- Elaboration of a modular part feeding system and kit (Mobiflex, modular kit);

- Generic Evaluation of modular part feeder system.

Results at Bosch:
- Bosch-specific Modules (Resource Box on workstation level);

- Standardised Production Modules for flexible part feeder systems in automotive assembly;

- Modular kit (Reference Architecture);

- Realisation of modular kit as a demonstrator (funded by Bosch);

- Quantitative and qualitative validation of methodology (comparison of alternative solutions with different degrees of modularity);

- Validation of potential of MPA methodology, improvement of industrial applicability of method.

Future activities planned:
- Exploitation of modular kit, e.g. industrial application of system in Bosch Automotive supplier plant;

- Internal dissemination of method (internal workshops at Bosch FV/PLF, Rexroth, publication in Bosch-magazine);

- Use of method in daily production engineering (including of method in Bosch Guidelines);

- Further improvements/ extensions of modular kit (additional modules);

- External dissemination: External Publication, patent applied for;

- External exploitation: Licensing of technology.

Reported by

Robert Bosch GmbH
70049 Stuttgart
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