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High power beam scanning systems

The RemoWeld project aimed to an extended, sustainable and competitive use of remote laser welding systems promoting the development of competitive manufacturing procedures.

In this part of the project the main task of Rofin-Sinar-Laser is the development of an advanced Nd:YAG-laser scanning system.

Based on the experience of scanner systems for medium laser power and 2-dimensional applications, a high power version for 3-dimensional welding application has been developed and has been set up. The scanner head has been successfully tested with a laser power of more than 4kW in long term running.

The scanner-head is a very compact device with dynamic beam-scanning capabilities, which includes a zoom telescope, a bending mirror, scanner mirrors, an f-theta optic, protecting window and a cross jet. There is the possibility to adapt process-monitoring devices behind the mentioned bending mirror. The working volume is 100mm x 100mm x 40mm. The working distance is about 210mm. The spot size at the work-piece is about 0.65mm.

The scanner-optics is moved by a specially designed scanner-control, which is connected, to the laser-control and the robot-control.

Welding applications were demonstrated on the fly together with the adapted Comau M1-robot.

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