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Assisting process devices (monitoring)

The REMOWELD project aimed to an extended, sustainable and competitive use of remote laser welding systems promoting the development of competitive manufacturing procedures.

During the project period from January 2001 to December 2003 CRF realised the tests for a process-monitoring prototype.

The main activities were:
- A spectral analysis of radiation emitted from laser process.

- To define which the wavelength permit to evaluate the process quality and which sensor is necessary to use.

- The hardware set-up.

- To realise software monitoring.

At the end of these activities CRF carried out a prototype with four sensors. The results obtained with these configurations have permitted to evaluate the welds quality (porosity, lack of penetration and difference of penetration).

The intensive tests have permitted to optimise the sensors positions. In particular, the sensor used (only one) is mounted near the focal len.

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