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Know-how for advanced low cost applications (automotive)

The RemoWeld project has been running for 3 years and during this time Volvo's input has been to supply the project with industrial specs and system requirements. Volvo's Standards for lasers; 5605,517 Laser Welding; 8615,3 Quality Assurance of Laser Welding; and 1027,1375 Corrosion Resistance have been used to a great extent for specifying and for quality assuring laser welding.

Welding tests have been performed at VCBC (Volvo Olofstrom), Rofin Sinar and CRF. Cuopons and hat-profiles were welded and examined, shear strength test on coupons were made at LV-material teknik in Gothenburg.

Installation of a Remote Laser and a final test period of 6 month have been performed while welding stamped parts. Shear strength (Fmax) for the joint with a weld width of 1.5-2mm is 18-19kN for Volvo's STD flat sheet test objects.

Welding of three-piece joints was also done at CRF, Fiat Research Centre, with their Remote laser. In this case the material was DP450 to DP450 and DP600, all zinc coated. Sheet thickness of the welded material was 1.0 with 1.6mm, and 1.6 with 1.6mm.
Cross sectioning of the welds and shear rupture testing was also done on these sheet combinations, but here the weld width was changed to suite the remote laser's better beam quality. This allowed weld speed to be increased to 3 - 4 m/min. Weld width was approx. 1mm.

The rupture test gave an Fmax of approx. 13kN for the 1 mm and 1.6 mm test bodies.

An investigation between cost and production of a line which produce two doors, front LH and RH door with two joining methods, remote laser welding and resistance spot welding have also been made, with following presumptions:
- Production rate: 100000 doors in three-shift operation (x2=RH+LH door=200000).

- Cycle time 138s/part.

- All welds are done with laser in RLW-line and with resistance spot welding in RSW-line.

- Number of welds/door: 167 stitches or 171 spots.

- Number of details in one door are 11.

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