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Quality and acceptance rules and normative

The RemoWeld project aimed to an extended, sustainable and competitive use of remote laser welding systems promoting the development of competitive manufacturing procedures.

One of the project's tasks consists in remote welding process certification. The main expected results of this work are:
- Final definition of assessment testing procedures and rules for qualifying remote welded joints,

- Mechanical and metallurgical data for remote welded joints,

- Corrosion resistance data for the same welded joints.

Mechanical and fatigue tests procedures have been defined. Volvo, who is in charge with corrosion tests for automotive applications, has its own standards, and Salvagnini proposed to use the same procedure for non-automotive applications. Moreover, two technical meetings permitted to define acceptance quality criteria for simple specimen for Volvo, Fiat and Salvagnini applications.

All the samples are welded with the Remote Welding System located at CRF, and then sent to IS for mechanical (fatigue, static) and metallurgical (metallographic and corrosion) testing. Different documents were emitted to present results obtained on automotive and non-automotive materials, including Milestone M6.1 distributed at Mid -Term meeting.

Broadly speaking, after these investigations, one can say that weld quality was improved between the campaigns of welding, because of a better knowledge in the weld parameters influence. Indeed, small pores and failures due to porosity have decreased significantly. Main results are the next:
- Butt configuration is more resistant than lap one for a same material,

- High inclination is preferable for lap joints, and low inclination for butt ones,

- Main imperfections observed: undercuts, incompletely filled groove, lack of penetration.

“Quality and acceptance criteria for remowelded joints”, one of the milestones, are guidelines for estimating the quality of joints welded using Remote Welding process. It was written basing on end-users’ acceptance quality criteria and on all the results obtained during our investigations.

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