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Designing and simulating a modular factory environment

The system provides a whole set of application (software tool) able to design and to simulate a modular factory environment. It's composed, in fact, by a VRE (Virtual Reality Environment), a SFL (Standard Facility Library) and Emulation/Control system.

Through the VRE the user can design both the factory as well the production layout in a 3D immersive environment and in a easily and simple way. The all factory modules are stored in the SFL, an object oriented database that is able to produce a XML file containing the whole description of the "just-design" factory. Through this file the emulation model is semi-automatically produced and an agent-based control runs the simulation. The data can finally analysed by the user and the plant can be improved in the virtual Environment. Actually the VRE is the only software running on a SGI workstation (the whole system runs on personal computer), but it foresees to create a desktop application for the 3D immersive interaction after the end of the project.

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Istitute for industrial technologies and Automation
Via Bassini, 15
20133 Milan
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