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A mixed approach for the computation of tyre noise

A mixed approach for the computation of noise radiated by tyres has been developed. It combines the velocity on the tyre (obtained by models from other partners or any other) and elementary acoustic solutions (known as Green functions) between receiver and points on the tyre surface.

The Green function has been computed either using the ICARE software, based on a ray tracing algorithm, or using BEM (Boundary Element Method). ICARE takes into account the curvature of the tyre and diffracting edges. Also it enables the computation of the solution including the car body even at high frequencies. BEM has also been employed to validate the ICARE tyre modules. An original mixed BEM/ray tracing approach has been developed. Parametric studies have shown that the presence of the car body significantly modifies the radiation patterns.

Comparisons with measurements made by Goodyear have been made for 3 road types and 4 different tyres. RATIN has therefore provided a first step towards a general numerical tool, which offers a means to reduce noise radiated by tyres.

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