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A modular rolling model for tyre/road noise simulation

A rolling contact model was implemented in order to describe the tyre/road contact interaction in rolling conditions. The three-dimensional contact problem is solved by classical contact mechanics using an elastic half-space. In order to solve contact problem, the impulse response functions of the tyre are required. As being the central part of any tyre/road noise prediction models, the rolling contact model was made modular, which means that it can use impulse response functions coming from any tyre models including, or not, the local deformation of the tread and that it can produce input data for various radiation models.

As output, the model calculates dynamic contact forces, which can be used for hybrid tyre/road noise prediction models, and vibration velocity fields, which can be used as input to radiation models. Additionally, the calculation of the local deformation of the tyre tread under rolling conditions makes it possible to produce input data for the calculation of air pumping generated noise to adequate radiation models.

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