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Linkage to EU Policies, FP5/6, KA4 and US PIWG

The objectives relate to the linking of the R&D developmental areas identified in the EVI-GTI project (European virtual institute for gas turbine instrumentation) to funding opportunities available at national and European level. This part of the project work is being led by Alstom Power and started in July 2003.

The steps identified to accommodate the needs of this task are:
- Identification of suitable funding opportunities through on-line research, information from personal contacts and partner organizations (particularly concerning national level funding).

- Creation of a database facility to record and sort details of all funding opportunities identified.

- Once population of the database has commenced, the up-loading of the database as a searchable facility on the EVI-GTI website.

- Constant up-grading and renewal of information as new opportunities become known.

Work stared in July 2003. A database facility has now been created and passed to Alstom Power for initial data input. Research is currently underway to identify the funding opportunities available to match the areas identified elsewhere in this project.

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