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Project ID: G4RT-CT-2002-05087
Gefördert unter: FP5-GROWTH
Land: Netherlands

Submission of proposals for R&D funding

This result addresses the submission of proposals for R&D funding. The proposals were submitted during the EVI-GTI (European virtual institute for gas turbine instrumentation) project.

At the time of writing this draft mid-term TIP, three proposals are being prepared for submission to the 2nd Call for Framework 6. The proposals entitled “High Temperature Aero-Thermal Instrumentation for Gas-Turbine Performance and Life Optimisation” (HAPLO), “Accurate Temperature Measurement for Gas Turbine Lifing and Condition Health Monitoring” (TELHMON) and “Mechanical Measurement Requirements for Improved Engines Integrity” (MEFINE) are being championed by QinetiQ, Siemens Power Generation and SNECMA Moteurs respectively. Each addresses one of the identified key development areas and will draw on different pools of expertise. The opportunity to participate in the R&D proposals has been opened to organizations who have expressed an interest in the work of EVI-GTI, through an open bidding process available on-line at Clearly, final selections of successful organizations will be made by the individual bid champions.

March 2003, a proposal called AEROTEST, has been submitted and approved. The subject is on non-intrusive exhaust gas measurements.

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