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Business development plan for the "European virtual institute for gas turbine instrumentation"

Developing a business plan is related to the Exploitation and Self-Funding of EVI-GTI (European virtual institute for gas turbine instrumentation). These objectives will be met by undertaking the following:
- Creating a Business exploitation study

- Creating a Technical exploitation study

- Reviewing year-4 funding arrangements prior to the end of project EVI-GTI.

Work on the business development plan was not originally scheduled to commence until Year 2 of the project. However, it was felt that the development of a pre-June 2005 Business Plan leading to an early launch of the organisation would allow steady growth during the period of pump-priming funding from the Commission. A draft pre-June 2005 Business Development Plan has therefore been developed and circulated to partners for comment and has been submitted to the Commission at the time of the 12-month report. A post-June 2005 version of the Business Plan is currently being developed and this will draw on the levels of interest and take-up of membership achieved during the period running up to the end of the project and the Commission pump-priming funding.

Time has been usefully spent in investigating available business legal structures (attendance at Virtual Institutes Workshop of legal matters in Brussels - November 2002) and in formalizing the structure of the Business Plan (participation in 5-day Business Plan Writing course at Itzehoe, Germany - November 2002).

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