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PM PSS: Software modules for integration with HR and EM appl. and ASP platform

The Project Management PS SYSTEM (PM PSS) and Remote Access is based around existing installation of LOGOSYSTEM for workforce automation within various sectors being healthcare, logistics, and transportation.

In order to allow integration with other PSS we had to redesign our existing Project Management application.

The Web Services permits our existing applications to expose some methods of project management system and allows other applications to invoke them remotely.

In the frame of the ASP-NET Project, our goal is to demonstrate a PM built on a service-based approach. This will let the users to connect directly to the web-based service using a common terminal with only thin client capabilities. The PM software will reside entirely on the ASP server. Users will be allowed to use standard Internet connected PCs and/or wireless terminals. This last possibility will give an even more flexibility to the system, allowing an easy access to the service also in particular situations as in extensive industrial plants and/or yards.

Our approach will also take benefit from the several applications developed by Logosystem in the last few years using wireless communications and centralized databases.

Project Management PS exposes some web-services to be consumed by the Human Resources PS and by the portal.

The Human Resources PS invokes the service specifying the following parameters:
- Resource (code);

- Time interval (start date – end date).

The service response provides the following data:
- List of projects in which the resource has been involved during the specified time interval.

- List of jobs in which the resource has been involved.

- For each job a list of tasks with start date and end date in which the resource has been involved.

The portal invokes the login web service in order to get a user id to open Project Management and the loadUser web service, to manage PM users.

Project Management consumes some web-services exposed by other applications.

With Meta4 we use their Human Resources PSS to get resources for projects handled by Project Management PSS.

With Pcsystems we use their e-messaging services to notify resources allocation, to resources itself and to project managers.

With Gantek we use billing services.

Furthermore the remote access component of the project will allow for maximum adaptability of the end user device independent of device standard characteristics. There are a tremendous number of mobile devices available to consumers, and manufacturers are releasing new devices all the time.

Each time you develop a mobile Web application, you face the following challenges as a result of this wide variety of devices:
- Different markup languages, including HTML, compact HTML (cHTML) for Japanese i-mode phones, and WML for wireless application protocol (WAP) phones.

- Different form factors, including varying screen size, screen orientation (horizontal or vertical), and color, grayscale, or black and white screens. These variables affect content pagination and the type of graphics you must generate.

- Different device capabilities, including whether the device can display images, initiate a phone call, or receive notification messages.

The owner of ASP Remote Access will be allowed to:
- View entire project scheduling, except related costs and quality scores inserted by higher access level users.

- Perform project tracking and costs estimation, limited to wps/tasks/activities under their direct control;

- Update wps/tasks/activities progress;

- Insert notes and comments specific to their wp/tasks/activities. These notes/comments may be private (and therefore not accessible to other users) or public.

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