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HR PSS: Software modules for integration with PM and EM appl. and ASP platform

The Human Resources Management PS System is based on an existing software product, already commercialised by Meta4 (namely PeopleNet).

The Meta4 HR system manages a wide variety of information and processes on the employees in a company. This information, and the processes that act on it, will be shared over the Web with different applications that could require them at any given time. To do so, the Web services will be public to the rest of the applications (project Management and E-Message), so that they may be invoked remotely.

Based on the documentation released in the ASPNET project, it was defined a series of Web services, that will be accessible to the e-messaging and Project Management systems.

During the project, Meta4 has developed the following webservices that it exports and makes available to the other systems:

Connection Services: These offer Login and Logout methods that cover the different needs that have come up, such as Web browsing in a SOAP session established from the portal and the simple SOAP connection that facilitates invocation for the rest of the services offered.
Person Information: With Person Search, Person Data Extraction, Person Allocation and Person Un-allocation methods.
Organisation Information: Which makes it possible to extract data related to Job, Job Family, Extended Knowledge, Work Unit and Team.
Application User Management: Provides HR application user Creation and Delete methods.

Meta4 also makes calls to the following webservices offered by the other partners:

Logosystem: Person Project and Task Information

PCSystems: Send an E-Mail, Add a new address and Delete an address.

Gantek: Accounting and record service usage.

Therefore, the webservices required for integration with the portal and for the calls to the accounting system have been added to the initial list of webservices offered by HR. Likewise, the security layer has been integrated, which required minor adaptations to the code in the clients that invoke webservices that return complex types.

The end result is a prototype that demonstrates that Meta4 PeopleNet is able to carry out this communication through the different webservices, and the possibility of integrating the product in an ASP platform.

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