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EM PSS: Software modules for integration with HR and PM appl. and ASP platform

The scope is to implement and integrate the E-Messaging application with the other two applications (Project Management and Human Resource Management) through the ASP-NET (Application Service Providers NETwork) platform, using Web Services as the main integration technique. E-messaging is based on PC SYSTEMS Mail Server commercial solution. It satisfies the needs for the development of the functions that will lead to the final product. EM supports and offers the appropriate services in the appropriate form for integration with the other two applications. The E-Messaging System (EM) provides to ASP-Net systems the following web services: Login/Logout, Manage Address Book, Manage Groups and Notifications Service. It should be mentioned that the E-Messaging application exports the Web Services described above, while there is not any special need to invoke any service from the other applications. Authentication, Accounting and Security issues are implemented consuming the web services exposed by GANTEK and UNIS.

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