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Study and development of screen printing light emitting polymer inks

The study and development of a screen printable light emitting polymer ink have been performed during the project. The use of large-area screen printing of organic semiconductive films allows to produce light-emitting polymer devices with reproducible performance in a continuous process at low cost. The optimised procedure to realise the organic inks is divided in different steps:

- Definition of the type and amount of solvents, the viscosity and the screen printing parameters to obtain right thickness and uniformity required for organic light emitting diodes;

- Set up of the light emitting polymer inks fabrication procedure (solubilisation in solvents in temperature and controlled atmosphere)

- Thickness and uniformity characterization after screen printing process.

The light emitting polymer devices realised using these compositions showed good light emission efficiency, good thickness (65-80nm) good uniformity of light distribution.

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