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Design of a large area MaPE ICP source and development of large area equipment

Design of a large area MaPE ICP source:
Topic of the development is to create a large area MaPE ICP source for integration in FHR in-line equipment for the application in dry etch and PECVD. Technological specification achieved: Type FHR MaPe ICPR 400 Size: 400mm x 190mm Flange: 495 mm x 235mm Working pressure: 2 x10-3 mbar - 2 x 10-1mbar Leakage rate: < 2x 10-9mbar l/s He RF- compatibility: 2MHz - 13,56MHz, ca 2,5KW integrated gas injection. The aim of this source is to find a principle solution for: - integration of the source in FHR in-line system (IN-LAN) - utilisation for dry etching and PECVD - utilisation in static and dynamic mode - possibility of upscaling in size for other equipment.

Development of large area equipment:
FHR is already producing in-line equipment for PVD processes. Based upon the innovative vertical in-line concept SV-InLan from FHR the MaPe ICP source technology was transferred to this innovative equipment concept with the following targets:
- Utilisation for dry etching and PECVD processes;
- Utilisation in static and dynamic mode;
- Scaleability to larger or other dimensions.

The SV InLan concept is modular and respecting the various requirement of modern thin film processing especially on flat substrates with utilisation in the following areas:
- Flat panels in LCD, TFT and OLED technology;
- Solar cells;
- Mass production of electronic components like condenser, resistors, SAW filters etc;
- Optical components like filters;
- EMV shielding.

The whole concept respects consequently in design of vacuum pumping, gas and production flow upscaling aspects of the equipment in terms of substrate size.

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