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Dependence of structure and mechanical properties on heat treatment regime

Dependence of structure and mechanical properties on heat treatment regime by finally composition:
The finally tests were made with the new reference iron alloyed with about 0,4 % vanadium and 1,0% nickel and treated with alloy “Remag” (1,45 %) from Elkem. (finally composition)

Three different regimes of heat treatment were used:
- 1050°C for 16 hrs; 640°C for 12 hrs, followed by air-cooling.
- 1050°C for 12 hrs; 640°C for 8 hrs, followed by air-cooling.
- 1100°C for 16 hrs; 700°C for 30 min, followed by air-cooling.

After the third regime of heat treatment the structure consists only of ferrite and the mechanical properties were better as the other one.

Determination of the quality guideline:
The quality guideline was developed in result of conducted tests and constituted the base pouring the reference casting. On the quality guideline are the determination of the target values (chemical composition, mechanical properties) and the quality check of used raw materials (for instance: foundry pig iron, treatment agent, inoculant) very important.

Determination of the heat treatment guideline:
The heat treatment guideline was developed in result of conducted heat treatments with the finally alloy and constituted the base heat treatment regime of practice castings. The heat treatment regime is determined 1100°C for 16 hours and 700°C for 30 min followed by air-cooling. It will be used two inert gas-muffle furnaces.

Checking the mechanical properties of a reference casting on heat treatment regime:
A reference casting was selected on the range of products from Flender Guss. Concurrently to the casting was a Y-test unit poured checking the mechanical properties with the determined heat treatment regime.The yield stress arrived about 450 to 470N/mm² and the tensile strength ca. 600N/mm². The elongation constituted about 12,5% to 14%.

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