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New tribological testing methodology for coating-lubricant interactions

In this project, a new testing approach for the characterisation and comparison of "coating-oil-additive" was used. Due to large number of testing combinations, a fast and efficient testing method was needed.

We have applied the Striebeck curve testing procedure to determine the lubrication regimes (Lambda) under various working parameters (load, velocity) as a function of pin and disk surface conditions (roughness), which consequently determines the life of the system. The direct result of these tests was:

- Coefficient of friction (COF) curve as function of "striebeck" parameter, which define the conditions at which each lubrication regime appears;

- The value of COF at each lubrication regime, which enables the relative ranking of different "coating-oil-additive" systems;

- Prediction of efficiency of each tested system and ability of the system to provide satisfactory performance at each lubrication regime (though the focus was on boundary lubrication regime);

- The minimum possible COF (in the EHL regime) and the value of COF in the boundary lubrication regime;

- The "Striebeck" parameter value at which the additives loose/gain their function.

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