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Validated application of LFC-EAL in hydraulic components

Anticipated result based on the further studies of working range of the result from the project. Volvo will primarily use the results from the project in their construction equipment sold to customers. Technically the results will be used in coming designs of components in hydraulic systems in construction equipment. Producing such complex systems requires a network of suppliers and Volvo is involved with most of the suppliers in this business. The generated knowledge will result in new demands on the suppliers. Pumps and valves for example, where the results of the project has high potential, are bought from the two German producers Rexroth and Vickers. LFC results will also be used in future designs of engines and transmissions. Since the structure of this business is similar customers and suppliers will experience the outcome of this project. Today suppliers of LFCs are mostly SMEs, thus there will be a large technology transfer to this type of companies in the LFC area.

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