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Design of a large area etching electrode with uniform temperature distribution

Topic of the development is to create a large area electrode for plasma etching processes with useable area of 850mm x 850mm. Technological specification achieved: High temperature uniformity of +/- 5°C Working Temperature: 20 - 60° Working pressure: 2 x10-3 mbar – 3 x 10-1mbar Leakage rate: < 2x 10-9mbar l/s He Warpness: < 0,2 mm RF- compatibility : 2 MHz - 13,56 MHz RF dark space shielding. High adjustability with central lift from 50 - 100mm. Request for temperature uniformity, process compatibility resulted in design of the electrode body of Aluminium.

A hard Anox surface protects the surface from process gases and gives necessary mechanical resistance. The temperature uniformity will be granted by a thermostat with high flow of > 10l/min of cooling media. Due to good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation und rf field a dielectric Silicon coolant fluid Baysilone KT3 (Bayer) is applied. Design of dark space shielding grants wide working range in terms of applicable pressure. The electrode is a first industrial prototype of large area etching electrode and important part of the ICP setup. Within the project the final aim is to create a complete industrial prototype of an ICP etching assembly applicable for in-line or batch equipment. A redesign was performed after finalising all process tests and having test results available.

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