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A list of test for the characterization of patterned ITO substrates for organic light emitting diodes technology

The processed plates with structured ITO and glass used in OLED technology are characterized using a list of tests to analyse the improvements of performances. The list of test required for the complete characterisation is:v Optical and emission (UV-Vis, PL and EL spectra and viewing angle)v Electro-optical.

The measurements are controlled by a LabView software: the basic functions are the timing and control of driving voltage, luminance and current readings and screening of curves.v Surface and morphology measurements. AFM analysis is used to check the uniformity and the roughness of ITO and glass structured by plasma etching.v Lifetime and shelflife. The photo-oxidation experiments are carried out by periodically measuring the UV-Vis spectra. The chemical degradation of the light emitting materials is controlled by IR measurements. The coupling between OLED and diffractive optics has been realized by photolitography and etching processes.

Different diffractive gratings were realised on glass surface:
- steps 4-50 micron- relieves height 200-650nm.

The efficiency increases decreasing the step of the grating more than 30% for 4-6 micron. Sub-structured anode with diffractive gratings (12 micron) were realized on ITO layer: the increasing of efficiency due to sub-structuring of ITO is about 15%.

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