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A dry etch process for polycrystalline silicon etch, silicon oxyde and Indium Tin Oxide (ITO).

The fabrication of transistors with thin films of polycrystalline silicon uses thin films of silicon (typically near 100nm) covered by thicker silicon oxide films (typically between 100nm and 500nm). Also, it needs etch process with high selectivity between silicon oxide and silicon. Such process could increase significantly the throughputs of microelectronic fabrication on glass substrate.

Furthermore, the loading effect could be significantly decreased with such process. Fluorocarbon process are currently used for silicon and silicon oxide etch. It is well known that the selectivity could be increased by increasing the carbon content in the gas mixture. It also depending of the degree of dissociation of fluorocarbon. Using gas mixture as CF4 with CH4 or C2H4 in an ICP-RIE reactor makes possible such process.

While dry etch of silicon and silicon oxide are currently used for microelectronics on glass substrate, the Indium Tin Oxide used for the pixel electrode is wet etched. Also dry etch process on ITO can be realized by using CH4 with argon and H2. Besides, the fabrication of a large scale ICP reactor where such process has been transferred is an opportunity for the microelectronic on large scale glass substrate.

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