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Fabrication of Thin Film Transistors (TFT) based on Low Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon (LTPS) for active matrix for liquid crystal

The fabrication of Thin Film Transistors (TFT) based on Low Temperature Polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) is commonly used for the fabrication of AMLCD. Because of the stability of their threshold voltage, polycrystalline silicon active layer TFT could be a solution to increase the reliability of Liquid Crystal Display for THALES avionic applications. Moreover, it allows high electronic mobility compatible with displays drivers and complex electronic functions integration on glass.

Besides, such TFT could be used to fabricate Active matrix in order to drive organic diode. Indeed, Organic Light Emission display seems to be an interesting technology for the future market of flat panels. Due to their current driving system, an active driving system of the organic diode needs TFT with good stability in saturated regime only allowed today with the polycrystalline silicon TFT technology.

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